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Evelyn Caramel Swirl Blonde Deluxe 250% Density Lace Front Wig

$89.99 USD

Our brand new Deluxe Lace Front Wigs offer an extremely high density of 250% compared to the 180% of a standard lace front wig 🙌

Possibilities are endless with our Deluxe Collection. Lightly brush out the gorgeous curls to create the illusion of a teased and styled wig in seconds. Looking for a higher impact? Thanks to the wig's ultra high density there's no need to stack wigs together. Tease and style our Deluxe Lace Front Wigs to get the volume of a stacked wig without the added labor.  

  • Density: 250%
  • Style: Evelyn
  • Color: Caramel Swirl Blonde
  • Length: 26 inches
  • Transparent soft fabric lace

*If you wish to style this wig, we recommend you use steam but you can also use hot tools up to 300 degrees.*

We are committed to offering you the best quality product with the fastest processing time possible in order to deliver you the wig of your dreams!