Lace Tape

Lace Tape

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Lace Tape is an easy mess-free way to glue down your lace front wigs! Perfect for short term or multiple day wear. Unlike glue, there’s no dry time! Lace Tapes apply very quickly without any residue. Remove using our Lace Glue Remover  


  1. Cleanse skin with alcohol for superior adhesion.
  2. Cut off a strip of the tape. 
  3. Apply strip of tape to skin.
  4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 until you have enough tape to secure down your lace front. 
  5. Remote seals of tape with tweezers. 
  6. Carefully press the lace down into the tapes. 
  7. If desired melt lace with hairspray. 



Caution: Always perform a patch test before applying for long term wear.

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