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Kawaii Black Coffin Press On Nails

$19.99 USD

Shop Will Beauty Press On Nails are here to level up your glam! Whether you’re looking to pop a set on for a special event or you want to slay day after day, these gorgeous nails have you covered. 

Our nail sets come with a Full Set or 24 nails (2 sets of 12) so anyone can buy a set without having to worry about nail sizing. Build your nail collection to accent your wig wardrobe. These nail sets are designed to be reapplied time and time again. To wear your nails for a day or less, apply with nail adhesive strips. The nails will pop right off with ease. For long term wear buff your nails and apply with nail glue.

What’s Included:

- 24 Press on Nails 

- Storage box

- Nail glue

- 1 sheet of nail adhesive strips

- Nail file

- Orangewood cuticle stick